Criti-Care Air Ambulance Services

A noble thought, an eclectic mix of dedicated, experienced doctors and committed paramedics combined with visionary and administrative capabilities of technocrats was all that was needed to bring to fruition Criti-Care Air Ambulance Services. Headquartered in Bangalore the city of Technical and Medical supremacy, Criti-Care was set up with the primary intention of providing accessibility to the best and finest medical care to the needy. Criti-Care is medically and technologically empowered to overcome all constraints of time, location and transport. We also have our branch offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

In an age where medical science has made commendable advances it is ironic that in a country like India the penetration level in the remote areas is pathetic. Criti-Care Air Ambulance Services was launched to bridge this gap between demand and supply and offers the convenience of ambulance services like Air Ambulance, Road Ambulance and Rail Ambulance. Criti-Care has broadened its scope of operations to also cater to global patients in keeping with Bangalore’s reputation as the most sought after medical destination.

Criti-Care has invested in creating a technically, medically and logistically strong team to help it in its mission of rendering quality medical care to one and all. The comprehensive services are designed to provide all medical and allied services under a single roof.

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